Undergraduate Programmes

Computing for undergraduates was first introduced way back in 1967 as part of Applied Mathematics of the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science. With the establishment of the Department of Statistics and Computer Science at the Faculty of Science in 1985, special degree programmes in Computer Science was introduced. Direct intake for Computer Science was introduced in 1998 along with industry placement and accreditation of the degree programme. To address the demand for IT graduates and external degree in IT was introduced in 2000. With the establishment of the UCSC in 2002 the direct intake was moved to the UCSC. In 2004 a degree programme initially named ICT, but now called IS was introduced.

Computing degree programmes are classified under five broad areas, namely: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Technology and Information Systems as identified in ACM guidelines. UCSC offers Computer Science and Software Engineering under the Bachelor of Computer Science intake through the UGC as internal students, Information Systems under Bachelor of Information Systems intake through the UGC as internal students and Information Technology under Bachelor of Information Technology intake direct as external candidates learning online with optional assistance from private training institutions.


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  • Bachelor of Science (Special Degrees) - Bioinformatics / Computational Chemistry / Computational Physics / Mathematics & Statistics with Computer Science / Statistics with Computer Science (Only for Faculty of Science Students)


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