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Intensive Training Course on Office Applications

(08 days)




Upgrading and Maintenance of Personal Computer Environment:

(05 days)




Computer Aided Drafting Using AutoCAD 2012

(08 days)

Rs. 27,500/=



Street Fighting IT for Business Executives (IT Empathy for Business Executives)

(04 days)




Computational Biology

(05 days)






Java Application Development using JavaSE

(08 days)

Rs. 22,500/=

18th July 2015


Advanced Java Application Development using JavaEE

(08 days)

Rs. 22,500/=

04th July 2015


Intensive Course on Visual Basic .NET

(08 days)




System Administration


Linux Systems & Network Administration

(05 days)

Rs. 17,500/=

12th July 2015


Web Design & Development


Advanced Multimedia Web Design & Development Techniques

(08 days)

Rs. 22,500/=

9th Aug 2015


Dynamic Web Application Development with PHP & MySQL

(08 days)

Rs. 24,000/=



Interactive Multimedia Content for the Web with Flash & Scripts

(08 days)






Workshop on Introduction to e-Learning

(01 day)




Instructional Design Methodology for e- Learning

(05 days)




e-Learning Content Authoring

(05 days)




Install, Configuring and Managing a Learning Management System(LMS)

(05 days)




Geographic Information Systems Applications

(12 days)




Graphic Designing


Graphic Designing & Creativity Development

(12 days)




3D Modeling and Animation

(12 days)




Digital Video Production and Animation

(33 days)




Game Development

  Game Development Techniques (8 Days)  



Embedded Systems Development

  Embedded Systems Design & Development using Microcontroller Programming (including Robotics)  (06 days)    
  Workshop on Embedded Systems Development (1 Day)  



Red Hat Training Courses

  Red Hat Training And Certification    


  Overview of Red Hat Training Courses    


  Red Hat System Administration I (RH124)    


  Red Hat System Administration II (RH134)    


  Red Hat System Administration III (RH254)    



Mobile Application Development

  Hybrid Mobile Application Development using Titanium - for Android & Apple IOS (6 days)  


  Android Application Development

(08 days)

Rs. 22,500/=

26th July 2015


Project Management

  Workshop on Introduction to Project Management One Day (8.30am - 5.00pm)  



Course Fee Payment Procedure

The Course Fee can be paid to any branch of the Peoples Bank using the Payment Voucher available at the UCSC. Payment Voucher can be collected from the Office of the Computing Services Centre (CSC) of the UCSC.

Once the Payment is done, the UCSC copy of the Payment Voucher should be handed over to the Office of the Computing Services Centre (CSC) of the UCSC confirming your Registration. Places will be filled strictly on First-Come-First-Served basis.


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