Prof. V.K. Samaranayake

Personal Information

Late Professor Vidya Jyothi V.K.Samaranayake
Former Director

Academic Record

  • B.Sc. (Cey.), (Special Mathematics)  First Class Honours (1961)
    University of Ceylon
  • Diploma in Imperial College (D.I.C), London (1964)
    (Mathematical Physics)  

  • Ph.D. (Lond.)  (Mathematical Physics) (1966)
    University College, London  

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics (1968)
    Vidyodaya University


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  •   Tharaka - A reprint of the section on Stars of "Mulika Tharaka Vidyava"  (1999)


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  • E-learning - The Sri Lankan Experience. Paper presented at the SEARCC Conference, Manila, Philippines Nov 2000
  • IT Manpower Base in Sri Lanka - Paper presented at the Joint Promotion Program Workshop on Expanding the IT Engineer Manpower Base in the Asian Digital Economy" Manila, Philippines, Dec 2000
  • Intelligent Capital - Paper presented at the Investor Forum of Infotel Lanka 2000 Exhibition Jan 2001 
  • IT in Sri Lanka - Paper presented at Elitex 2001 Electronics and IT Exhibition and Seminar. New Delhi, India, Jan 2001
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  • Presentation on the release of the Human Development Report 2001?; Organised by the UNDP and held at Sir Arthur C Clarke Centre for Modern Technologies ? July 2001
    E- Linkage in Sri Lanka ?; NAM CSSTC ? Jakarta - August 2001 ( with Wijayawardhana Harsha, Weerasinghe A R )
  • Creating Digital Opportunities, Private Sector Efforts?; Invited Paper for the Software Policy Summit, Bangkok, Thailand - September 2001
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  • "Challenges Facing University Education in Sri Lanka", presentation at the Seminar held on 11/09/2002, Colombo.
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  • Presentation on IT in Sri Lanka - Sida Workshop on ICT in Development held in Mozambique ? 1st April to 12th April 2002
  • "Use of Information Technology in Education in Sri Lanka" Case study presented at the Delivering the Vision", International Workshop held at the University of London (April 2002)
  • "ICT In Sri Lanka - Opportunities for Partnership". Seminar sponsored by Office of Provost, University of Missouri, Rolla (March 2003)
  • "Issues and Strategies in Promoting ICT for Development - A Case Study of Sri Lanka". Seminar sponsored by the Center for the Digital Globe, University of Missouri, Columbia (April 2003)
  • "Institution Building for Technology Innovation in Developing Countries", Seminar sponsored by STTP/NCDG/CID, Harvard University (April 2003)
  • "Digital Government in Developing Countries - Issues and Strategies", Seminar sponsored by NCDG, Harvard University (May 2003)
  •  Five Decades of Education at Reid Avenue : Some Personal Reflections, University of Colombo Review (accepted for publication)
  • "The Reality of Digital Government". 22nd National IT Conference, Colombo (July 2003)
  • "Report on E-Government in Sri Lanka" - Prepared for the World Bank (2003)
  • "Report on Human Resource Development in ICT in Sri Lanka - Prepared for the World Bank (2003)

Awards and Distinctions

  • JICA President's Award for International Co-operation -  Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) 1995
  • Winner of Lions Club of Sri Lanka Gold Medal for the Most Outstanding Citizen 1986

  • The Government of Sri Lanka recognising the yeomen service, Prof. V.K. Samaranayake has rendered to Sri Lanka in the field of Information Technology by awarded the "Vishva Prasadini Award"  to mark the 80th birthday anniversary of Hon. Sirimavo  Bandaranaike, the Prime Minister of the  Democratic Socialist  Republic in 1996

  • In recognition of the services rendered in the field of Science and Technology, to Sri Lanka the President of the Democratic Socialist  Republic  placed Prof. V.K. Samaranayake on the Presidential Honour List by conferring the title "Vidyajyothi" in 1998

  • Award made by ?Pariganaka? the only Sinhala language publication in the field of ICT for contribution towards the development of ICT. in 1998

  • Honorary Fellowship of the Sri Lanka Library Association awarded for contribution to Librarianship in 1999.

  • Millennium Award of Recognition presented by the Sri Jayawardenapura Municipal Council for contribution in ICT to the nation in 2000

  • Swarna Abhinandana awarded by the Sri Rahula Daham Pasala on the occasion of their golden jubilee. ?Swarna Abhinandana? means ?Golden Homage? 2001

Academic Distinctions

  • Exhibition on the results of the First Examination, University of Ceylon (1958)

  • Science Scholarship on the results of the Final Degree Examination, University of Ceylon (1961)

  • Ceylon Government Scholarship for Mathematics  (1961)

  • UNESCO Fellow in Mathematical Physics International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste(1969)   

  • IAEA Fellow in Mathematical Physics,   ICTP, Trieste (1971)

  • Merit promotion to grade of Senior Lecturer,   University of Ceylon (1971)

  • Associate Member, ICTP, Trieste       (1972 - 1977 )

  • Senior Associate, ICTP, Trieste   (1978-todate)

  • Nuffield Foundation Scholar   in the field of  Computer Science (Inaugural Award)(1979 - 1980 )

  • British Council Senior Academic Fellow (1989 )

  • Fellow, HIIP, Kennedy School of Government ,Harvad University (2001) 

  • Research Fellow, National Centre for Digital Government, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA (2003)

  • Fellow, Digital Vision Program, Stanford university, USA (2005)

Professional Achievements and Activities

  • President (1998-99) and Academician(elected in 1992), National Academy of Sciences of Sri Lanka 
  • Member, British Computer Society 
  • Member, Computer Society of Sri Lanka 
  • General President (1994) and member  Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Honorary  Fellow, National Association of Librarians, Sri Lanka
  • Member, Institute of Electronic & Electrical Engineers Computer Society
  • Member Senate of the University of Colombo (1978-todate)
  • Member of the Committee appointed by the Hon. Minister of Education to propose changes in Higher Education (1971 )
  • Member of Committee (on University Admissions) appointed by the Hon. Minister of Education  (1975  -  1977)
  • Member, Advisory Council, Demographic Training and Research Unit, University of Colombo (1975  -  1979)
  • Member, Advisory Committee, Sri Lanka Planetarium (1976 - 1979) 
  • Chairman, Committee appointed by the   Vice-Chancellor to take over the Sri Palee Institute of Fine Arts to the University ( 1976 )
  • Chairman, Committee appointed by the Vice Chancellor to report on local postgraduate training for University Staff  (1976)
  • Member, Science Education Research Committee National Science Council of Sri Lanka(1976  -  1977) 
  • Member, Advisory Committee, Department of Census  and Statistics (1978 - 1979 )
  • Project Leader, Research Project on " Predictors of University Performance "  (1979  -  1987)
  • Advisor to the Government of the Maldives on conducting the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination locally (1981)
  • Member, Committee appointed to prepare a National Computer Policy for Sri Lanka (1983)
  • Member, Sri Lanka Inter University Committee on Computing and Member, Technical Sub-Committee (1983 - 2001)
  • Member, Computer Education Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Education (1983 - 2000)
  • Member, Co-ordinating Committee for the Establishment of the Non Aligned Data Bank (1984 - 1987)
  • Project Co-ordinator, Project on a Second Test for University Admissions (1984  -  1987) 
  • Co-Director and Local Co-ordinator, Asian Regional  College on Microprocessors and Applications, Colombo (Jun 1984)
  • Member, Organising Committee and Co-Chairman, Agriculture Sector, First International Symposium (Jun 1984) on Microcomputer Applications in Developing Countries  
  • Co-Director, Residential Computer Education Course held for School Teachers and Educators (Sep. 1984)
  • Member, Sub-committee on Electronics and Computers  appointed to prepare a National Science Policy (1984) 
  • Administrative Convener, International Course on Statistics in Agriculture - Planning, Management and Analysis (Dec 1984 - Jan 1985)
  • Member, Computer and Information Technology Council of Sri Lanka (CINTEC) and Chairman of its Committees on Education,  use of Computers in the Public Sector, Use of Sinhala and Tamil Script in Computer Technology and its Examination Council (1985 - 1992)
  • Chairman, CINTEC, Committee on Law and Computers( 1985 -2000) 
  • Member, Board of Governors, Arthur C Clarke Centre (1984 - 1998) for Modern Technologies 
  • Principal Researcher on Sri Lanka - APDC Regional Study on the Impact of  Modern Technologies in the Public Sector (1986 - 1989)
  • Director, Sathosa Computer Services Ltd. (1986 - 1992)
  • Committee Member, Sri Lanka Association for Science and Mathematics Education (SLASME)  (1986  -  todate)
  • Member, Sub Committee on the Use of Information Technology in Trade Data Interchange, SRILPRO, Export  Development Board  (Oct 1986 - 1991)
  • Member, Advisory Committee on Computer related  exports, Export Development Board (Chairman since 1990) (1986 - 1991)
  • Chairman, Computer Advisory Committee, Greater Colombo Economic Commission (1985 -  1991)
  • Member, Committee on Adaptation of National Languages in  Information Technology (CANLIT), of the Natural Resources, Energy and Science Authority of Sri Lanka (NARESA)(1986 -  1990) 
  • Member, Editorial Board  of NARESA (1986 - 2000 )
  • Member, Council, University of Colombo (1979, 1981 & 1986 - todate )
  • National Co-ordinator, UNDP Project SRL/86/013-M.Sc. Course in Computer Science, University of Colombo(1986 - 1995) 
  • Member, Academic Affairs Committee, National Institute of Education (1988 - 1993 ) & (2000 todate)
  • Member, Council of Governors, Sri Lanka Business Development Centre (1990 - todate) 
  • Member, Academic Advisory Committee, Diploma in Business Management, Sri Lanka Business Development Centre ( 1991 ) 
  • Member, Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission (1995 - 2000 )
  • Consultant, Ministry of Science Technology and Human Resource Development (1995 - 2001 )
  • Information Technology Advisor, Ministry of  Defence (1995 - 2000 )
  • Chairman, Subcommittee on S & T Information, National Science Council (1998  - 1999)Chairman, Presidential Task Force on integrated R & D in S & T (1997 - 2000)
  • Chairman, National Y2K Task Force of Sri Lanka (1998 -2000)
  • Member, Editorial Board, Asia Pacific Development Centre, Kuala Lumpur (1998 - 2000)
  • Member,  ICANN and Government Advisory Committee (GAC) ( 1998 - 2000) (
  • Founder Chairman, Asian EDIFAC Board AFACT Legal Working Group.(1998 - 2000)
  • Vice Chair, CEFACT Legal working Group ( 1999- 2000 )
  • Member, Lankan Academic and  Research Network ( LEARN ) Management Committee       (1996 - todate)
  • Chairman, Organising Committee, International Information Technology Conference IITC   1998 - todate
  • Member, Advisory Panel, Asia IT&C Programme, The European Commission (2000 -todate)
  • Member , Board of Management, National Institute of Library and Information Sciences (NILIS) -(2001-todate)
  • Consultant Ministry of HRD, Education and Cultural Affairs (2002- todate).
  • Member , Domain Name panel,  CINTEC (1998- todate)
  • Member , Sinhala font committee,  CINTEC (2002 - todate)
  • Chairman, Infotel Lanka Society  (1995- todate).
  • Chairman, Project Management Committee , Sida-IT project (1997- todate)

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